New blog, new album 2/20/23

Welcome to my first post on my new blog. This will be home base for sharing the creative stuff I do.

Over the last few years I have been releasing instrumental mixtapes on bandcamp – the music is made with a variety of instruments and recording mediums. Most of the time when I sit down to make music, I have a vision for a unique way to produce music – either a musical concept I want to explore, or a technological process I want to try. Some of these experiments turned into songs. Of the hundreds of tunes that came out of this, I put the best ones out on these mixtapes. To refine further, I took my favorite 10 tracks and had them remastered by Matt Stegner. “Selected Tracks: Mixtape 1-4” will be released and digitally distributed to all streaming services on 2/20/2023. If you are a spotify user, you can presave it at the link below:

In addition to this release, I am in the final stages of mixing 5 songs that I’ve been working on since December 2021, and most of these songs I’ve been sitting on for about 10 years! I’ve also discovered a whole bunch of old cassettes I’ve been carrying around for almost 20 years filled with instrumental music I made half a life time ago. I hope to put out a digital release of some of my favorite warbly finger picking acoustic guitar jams contained on these tapes.

I’ve also got a vision for an ableton tutorial series I would like to make for teaching beginners of all-ages how to use computers to create music. Will I get all of this done in 2023? Check back here to find out! If you put your e-mail above you will get an e-mail when I post new stuff. Thanks for your support!

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