New Album Streaming on Monday 2/20/23

Thanks to all the new subscribers on my blog experiment! My new album “Selected Tracks: Mixtape 1-4” will be streaming everywhere on Monday 2/20/23!

I will be going live on instagram on Monday at 2:20:23 PM PST to talk about the behind the scenes on the creative process of this release, so tune in if you want to hear me tell non sequitur stories about buying instruments craigslist and other nerdy stuff.

You can stream the album for free on spotify, youtube, etc. but if you are interested in owning the digital version you can buy it on bandcamp at the link below. Buying music today makes you a patron saint in my book. It helps me to pay for some of the digital services which are required to stream music, as well as my website, and avocado toast.

My favorite way to listen to music is on youtube. Here is the full album stream which will premier at 2:20pm PST on 2/20/23.

I’ve also added a bunch of videos to my channel I’ve made over the last few years, like covers of the late great Burt Bacharach, Steely Dan, and the Tetris theme song! Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss my next video! Thanks for your support!

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